1. things are changing. i am so open and accepting of this change happening.

  2. disappearing act. to know me means that you know how much i love technology & social media. to know me now would mean you’re probably wondering what is happening in my life & where has vain actually gone? yeah it’s been like that for quite a while. i find myself off of my computer and less interested in being heavily invested these days. i’m finding a purpose in my life outside of the computer screen although i am still an avid checker. i will check my accounts all day without saying a word. i want to get back into the groove of things soon though. i see that really taking a shape into something beautiful. patience is everything these days.
  3. september love. time has really flown by. it was just june. i was just mapping things out in my life. accomplishing goals & things. now it’s fall season. i’m so grateful for this beginning. i’m so grateful to have an opportunity to change my perspective & to allow newness in my life. i look forward to the leaves changing. to the trees becoming bare. to basking in the weekends being dedicated to football season although i don’t have much of a desire for the sport at all. it’s just something about school starting & seeing those yellow buses that gives me this good feeling. summer is cool but fall puts me in a good spirit. i look forward to finding peace within myself. to doing all the things i’ve always said i would do. i look forward to pushing myself hard. taking a deep breath. yes.. this is the time to make goals & to cross them off as i go along.
  4. sleep but awake. i never want you to go with the flow when it comes to me. no matter how upset or taken back i may appear to be i am always appreciative of those who take the initiative to tell me about myself. i appreciate anyone who lets me know that i am greater than even i believe at times. thank you for always letting me know that i can do way better than what i give myself credit for. thank you, thank you, thank you! i’ve been having some troubling moments where i’m just like what is really up with me? what am i really trying to put out into the universe? where is my mind at really? how can i take that energy and make it visual? there are so many questions that i have floating around in my head. so many. i’m really at a point where sorting them out is necessary. beyond that actually. peace & love to you all.