1. sleep but awake. i never want you to go with the flow when it comes to me. no matter how upset or taken back i may appear to be i am always appreciative of those who take the initiative to tell me about myself. i appreciate anyone who lets me know that i am greater than even i believe at times. thank you for always letting me know that i can do way better than what i give myself credit for. thank you, thank you, thank you! i’ve been having some troubling moments where i’m just like what is really up with me? what am i really trying to put out into the universe? where is my mind at really? how can i take that energy and make it visual? there are so many questions that i have floating around in my head. so many. i’m really at a point where sorting them out is necessary. beyond that actually. peace & love to you all.
  2. beautiful noise. i woke up around 9 am this morning which is considered really early to me. i had every intention to stay in bed and sleep some more but i didn’t. i ended up sitting on my porch with my macbook and while editing photos a bunch of negative thoughts began to flood my brain all at once. for instance when you spill juice, there may be a little in the cup but when it spills, it becomes more. that’s how i felt since last night. so there was basically an over pour of emotion inside of me. i want to tap so deep into my emotions. i feel like releasing is the ONLY way that i will be able to fully accept where i’ve been and where i’m going. i felt bouts of tears but i haven’t cried. writing always helps me sort everything out. this post in particular is a little on the hollow end. a warm up to what’s to come basically. stay tuned.